by Richard L. Smith, author, webmaster, Investigator of Inter- Dimensional and spirit Communications

"In Your DREAMS"

A Mystical Dream Communication From Beyond

"Mary's Dream" one of the most mystical and symbolic spiritual dreams you'll ever read about!

Also: HOW to interpret your own mystical dreams !



Follow us as we take you through this mystical and spiritual communication- then explain to you each detail of the dream interpretation!
It's really a shame that most people are totally ignorant of the most common mystical form of telepathic communication known to mankind. It's free, and it's there for everybody just for the small price of waking your lazy butt up and opening your mind to a little bit of information about your spiritual self. Information comes to us virtually every day of our lives in our dreams...information that is meant to be an extremely personal and valuable tool for living one's life on this Earth, in this body. If that doesn't grab your attention, then there's no hope for you. However, if you are curious and want to know more...then read on !

First step-learning the simple basics of sleep states

At night as we drift off into slumber, our brains gradually step down into drowsiness by graduated steps. Each of these steps corresponds to different levels of consciousness, and each level can be measured by brain wave measuring devices called electroencephalographs. By monitoring these levels in test subjects, we are able to accurately pinpoint and study these different levels of the sleep state. This will be described briefly and in an uncomplicated manner in this article because we are mainly interested just in the basics and in learning how to apply this simple knowledge for our own benefit.

To begin with, we will learn the names of the brainwave states as follows...(important to remember)

1. We first learn that the fully conscious state we are in during our waking hours is called the "Beta" state.

2. The "Alpha" state is the first state of relaxation achieved before sleep when our eyes get heavy and we get drowsy. Our thoughts begin to wander and we slowly lose control of our daily thoughts. Here's a very important note for you to remember...this "alpha" state is the very same state of mind that is often referred to in articles and books as the "meditative state". In other words, if a subject is performing the methods for relaxation in preparation for a meditative session, then they are merely going through the very same steps we all go through each night as we fall asleep. These steps for acheiving the required relaxed state are not difficult to learn and perform and are equally interchangeable for sleep and meditation as well.

3. After the required period of time for achieving a continual state of alpha relaxation, our brains will sneak up on us and slip us right into the "Theta" state. Here we are dissociated from our conscious minds as we know it, and the brain begins its measured cycle of sleep for that time period.

4. The last, and deepest mode of sleep is the "delta" state. Here we are at the most relaxed and fully unconscious mode of the sleep cycle.

5. After approximately 90 minutes, the brain begins to rotate back to the alpha, and here we begin our "dream state" referred to as the "REM" state. REM is the abbreviation for "rapid eye movement" which is a physical symptom which assures us that the subject is in fact experiencing dreaming. After 3 to 5 minutes (average) in the REM state, the brain signals the cycle to begin again and it will be repeated over and over for the duration of the entire sleep period.

The Importance of Dreaming

Studies have shown that if sleeping subjects are deprived of their dreaming time continually, many will quickly develop irritability, disorientation, confusion, and even hallucinations after only three days. The abnormalities will progress with further dream (REM) state interruption until full psychosis develops.

Drugs, alcohol, and sleep

Substance abuse is a detriment to good healthy sleep because most commonly abused substances tend to keep the subject in deep (delta) state too long and do not allow for proper function of the complete sleep cycle. This causes pyschological stress and subjects will not properly recall dreams.


Dream Recall and Analyzing your dreams

(looking for those messages from beyond)

How to do it: Now that you know something about the operation of the sleep cycle, you are ready to apply those simple principles to a method of remembering and recording your dreams. You just need to remember that the REM sleep occurs at the beginning of the cycle with the alpha state. This is also the easiest time for a person to be awakened and to record the dream which may be in progress at that moment.

The two most popular methods are to simply have a recorder on the nightstand and hit it and start talking as soon as you awaken and can move and talk. Some prefer to write and keep a tablet and pen by a light on the night stand. That's OK too, although maybe not as fast. You will be surprised at how fast you will forget details, so this is not a time to procrastinate.

Next, we will briefly talk about different types of dreams. I should hasten to point out that analyzing one's dreams is something that gets better with experience. Dreams tend to be very literal in content, and sometimes the meaning seems to elude when actually it is right in front of one's nose. Get yourself some books or articles to read with a dictionary of common terms and dream interpretations to help you get started. You will quickly find that common sense will guide you after sorting out your first few dreams. The clues are provided by the dreams, and you are your own best judge in recognizing the correct interpretations of your dreams.

After just a few more lines here on dream types, we will take you to "MARY'S DREAM" a complete spiritual dream with its full interpretation, using all the information you have just read about here. You will find it fascinating!


Physical Dreams- Usually triggered by physical causes and noises such as outside noise (traffic, sirens), discomfort due to temperatures, illness, etc. Even though this dream may be influenced by outside disturbance, your mind can take options on interpreting those actions and reflect something in the dream that is troubling you.

Subconscious Dreams- These dreams are very important and always require careful interpretation. Mostly shrouded in symbolic references, these dreams can be extremely interesting and revealing to our innermost feelings and desires. At first, use a dream dictionary to interpret the various symbols, and as you get experience you will find that your inner self will begin to assist as you to interpret these dreams. Watch for such things as "falling" (represents perhaps a failing to perform or a loss of control over a situation) or huge waves at beach approaching (sunami). This can represent feelings of being "overwhelmed" in a life situation such as a job or marriage. Seeing yourself in public as naked may indicate feelings of inadequacy or perhaps that you have revealed too much of yourself to someone.

Flying Dreams- Experience will teach you to watch for this one...It can be an indicator of things spiritual. You may be remembering actual flying as in an astral travel dream, or in some circumstances you may find that the dream is telling you to rise above a certain situation and see things from a higher and more spiritual point of view.

Wandering,Confusing Dreams-Get a grip. you are telling yourself that you are going nowhere, accomplishing nothing. You need to start setting some realistic goals.

Recurring Dreams- May have roots in a past for certain themes such as war, accidents, lifestyles not familiar to this life etc. Also, can indicate some need for direct attention to a life event that is causing stress later in life. Could be a childhood trauma, or loss.

Spiritual Visions- Healing dreams, nature dreams, dreams of being given a "gift" by someone angelic or priestly in appearance. Moments just before awakening that are "moving emotionally"by nature of the dream may have profound effects on you for some time to come. Watch for high mountains (higher states). It will take a person some time and effort to study and learn to watch for the real spiritual side of the dream world, but it can be a direct communication method to your own higher spiritual self, the part of you that dwells eternally in the spiritual universe.



A True Life-Changing Spiritual Event

by Richard L. Smith, author, webmaster, Chief Investigator

I awoke early in the morning with Mary sitting on the edge of the bed. It was barely light outside and I was surprised to see Mary awake as I am almost always the first to get going in the mornings.

"Richard, Richard, wake up" she said. "I have to tell you something. Hurry up..." Mary said urgently.

I sat straight up thinking something was wrong. "What? What is it? Are you OK?"

"This dream...I just had a really unbelievable dream. It's not like any dream I've ever had or even heard of before. I've got to tell you before I forget it. It was just so detailed and brilliant in color. Get something to write with. I'm sure it means something really important!"

I jumped up quickly...I knew exactly what needed to be done, and the quicker the better. Within seconds I had retrieved pen and a clipboard from my dresser only feet away.

"Go...I'm writing," I exclaimed to Mary and with that, she immediately began to describe to me the scene in her amazing dream.

"I'm standing along a dirt country road that is going through a forested area. I'm all by myself and the sky above looks like it is after sundown...not completely dark yet but getting that way. There is a grassy area following along the sides of the road, and the forest has a tall, thick growth of trees and undergrowth on both sides. The road forms a gradual curve as it proceeds through the forest, and as I look far down the road to the right I see the forest tapers off into a beautiful meadow and then the road proceeds into a sort of "halo" of light. Like maybe there is someplace, a city maybe, or something that's giving off an enchanting light at the end of the road."

Mary continues describing the scene before her...

"Not knowing exactly what I'm doing here, I am looking at the light at the end of the road on the right, and then looking back to the left to try to see if anything else shows up to give me a clue as to the purpose of my being here."

"Suddenly out of the dim light on the left appears some movement. It appears to be a "line" of objects moving down the road from the left and towards me. After a moment or two I could see a procession of animals of some sort. Too far away yet, but soon I will be able to see who or what it is."

Within moments, Mary was able to make out a most bewildering scene. There before her very eyes was what appeared to be a long line of deer, slowly making their way down the road, unattended, in single file, and quite undisturbed by the fact that Mary awaited their approach only a short distance away.

Leading the entourage was six of the largest, most beautiful bucks that one could imagine seeing in one place at one time. The magnificent rack of antlers stood so tall above each one that Mary could scarcely believe her eyes. Their pace was steady, and they did not waver one bit in their path or their speed.

Within moments the procession was approaching Mary. The detail, the color, the stunning beauty of the magnificent animals had Mary rooted fast in her footsteps. She was to be the sole witness to this spectacle.

As the first buck came within mere inches of Mary, the beautiful animal slowed, stopped momentarily and bent its knees while bowing gently towards Mary. As it bowed to her, a dazzling spectacle appeared. Nestled within the rack of antlers was a bowl-like structure that appeared to be a huge crystalline geode cut exactly in half. As the bowl came into view, Mary could see the astonishing glowing crystal structures clinging to the entire inside of the geode bowl.

The first buck's bowl contained crystals of a brilliant white color. This bowl dazzled with a white light which lit up the entire area around Mary and the beautiful animal. It appeared as if the bowl were full of diamonds, brilliant with their light.Then the animal slowly righted itself, stood tall and proud and continued its way down the road as the next buck came up.

This second buck presented itself in the same way as the first, and its sparkling geode gift to Mary was just as beautiful. Its crystals shown a brilliant deep blue at the bottom of the geode bowl, tapering off to a sky blue brilliant radiance which again lit up the area around the buck and Mary with a sparkling blue glow. The buck, after humbly making it's presentation, slowly followed the other.

And so it went, all six of the bucks making the presentation of their gift to Mary, and each following the other in a very dignified and proper manner.

The third buck presented crystals of purple which lightened to a light purple.

The fourth buck made his presentation of red crystals topping off with pink in their geode bowl.

The fifth buck's geode gift was of green and light green crystals.

The sixth and last of the bucks presented his geode bowl with brilliant brown and yellow crystals.

After the passing of the bucks came six female deer, each pacing itself as the previous bucks, and holding their heads high while passing. Immediately after the six females came a tiny procession of beautiful fawns, gamboling and trotting about as young ones will.

And Mary stood transfixed and silent along the road as the procession dissappeared quietly down the road and into the Light.

Her gaze remained on the Light at the end of the road. This beautiful Light that signaled the symbolism of the journey's end.

And thus the dream had delivered its message of spiritual importance to Mary. She had to ponder for a while, but there was a personal meaning meant for Mary. This was Mary's dream, and her message from the Divine Source for Mary to remember and always find comfort from this dream's divine disclosure.

Interpretation of MARY'S dream

Remember, our dreams are totally unique to each one of us. Interpretation can vary due to circumstance within our daily lives, as well as spiritual influence from Karma. Once you have found how to relate your dreams to your sub-conscious as well as super-conscious influences, you will seldom need to reference tables of definitions for direction. It will come to you as you learn to relate more to your inner self.

In Mary's dream, she finds herself standing along the "pathway of life" (the dirt road). As she looks about her, she sees the deep forest with its many unknowns hidden behind the thick brush (representing life and its challenges). Following the road to the right, she sees it eventually leads to a beautiful meadow (enlightenment) and finally into the LIGHT, representing the culmination of her life and the acheivement of being one with God. She stands alone on the road, as in the final analysis, it is we ourselves who must travel this road alone.

The procession of deer represents the "cycle of life" and it's bringing of a message from the Kingdom of God. It is an Earthly message of grace as a preview of her spiritual purpose in life, shown to consist of specific lessons represented within the gifts of geode crystals presented by each of the graceful Bucks. These lessons are specifically defined by their colors as shown in the table below.

Be sure and study the relationship of these colors to the meaning of the dream. You will always find that vivid colors when shown in dreams have special meaning.

As the animals dissappear down the pathway of Mary's life, she is alone once again. Now as she peers into the unknown depths of the forest of life's experiences, she is comforted by the gift of knowledge given by the crystals, and finds security and peace within her heart as she sees the ultimate goal at the pathway's end is passage into the Light and continuing life.

Use the table of definitions below to help you understand the particulars of how this interpretation is acheived.

DEER- represents nature, grace, gentleness, peace

BUCK-strength, stability

FAWN to FEMALE DEER to BUCK= cycle of life

ROAD- path through life

LIGHT at end of Road-death, passing into the Light, Heaven

CRYSTALS-as symbols of purity and clarity.crystals magnify and focus energies. used in healing and telepathy


WHITE-purity, perfection, holiness

BLUE, DEEP-attainment of spiritual forces and goals

BLUE, LIGHT-beginning and awakening of spirit

PURPLE, DEEP-compassion,healing abilities, developed powers of spirit

PURPLE, LIGHT-same as above, but in beginnings of learning

RED, DEEP- raw energy, vigor, aggressiveness

PINK-love, joy, kindness

GREEN,DEEP-wisdom, compassion, grace, patience

GREEN. LIGHT-youth, vigor, vitality

BROWN,EARTH- earthly, materialistic, practical

YELLOW- intellectual prowess, wisdom


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