Actual ghost voice captured by Paranormal Investigations of Texas inside a hospital in East Texas



What if you check in.....

But you don't check out.....


Actual ghost voice captured by Paranormal Investigations of Texas using EVP digital recording methods

Over 6.5 million auto accidents in the US each year put hundreds of thousands in the hospital. Many check in, but don't check out.......

Why do we hate hospitals so much? We go there to get well, don't we? Or....do we.....? What would you say is the most common reason for people not surviving their visit to a hospital ? Cancer? Heart Attack? Auto Accidents? Those are all bad enough, but you may be surprised to find that according to a report by the Commonwealth Fund reported in April 2002, that one out of five Americans reported they or a family member had experienced a serious medical error of some kind. The Institute of Medicines 1999 report "To err is human" estimates 44,000 to 98,000 deaths annually due to medical error, and suggests that may just be the tip of the iceberg.

These stats are conservative, as I have another source that places these deaths as high as 120,000 annually. Compare that, for instance, to the approximately 1500 deaths annually from gun accidents. It's scary. No wonder we find high spirit activity in hospitals...spirits were experiencing a wide range of emotion when they passed on...from fear, anger, and confusion to loneliness and hopelessness.

Our insurance companies are not holding up to the stress of our escalating population. Hospitals are underfunded, understaffed and over crowded. Many people find themselves excluded from health insurance in the prime of their lives, especially the self employed small business man and workers who fall victim to the common practice nowadays of "downsizing" business. As if these facts are not bad enough, we are all constantly facing the nagging fear of squaring off against heart disease, cancer, and a host of other diseases that plague our mortal bodies....

Paranormal Investigations of Texas looks for Spirits in hospitals !!


We were not surprised to find Spirit activity very high in hospitals. Pain, anguish, and grief are the order of the day in a hospital. Chances are most of us will pass on while in a hospital. Certainly, we all are not strangers to death in hospitals as we all have had a family member or friend die in one.

Spirits and ghosts are prevalent in hospitals, and they don't like to admit it or talk about it. They may not be too excited about Ghost Investigations going on in their rooms and hallways..But all it takes is a small digital recorder, and a small digital camera. They can't prevent the truth from coming out......


"DREAMTIME!" Until lately, I had no clue to the reason for this boisterous spirit exclamation. Had this been a live person, he would have been ejected from the hospital forthwith..read UPDATE





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