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astounding GHOST VOICE recorded at the scene 5 years after the tragedy !!"Help me !!...(screams...)

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Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking inside a radio for the announcer

"This new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analysis of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives." Albert Einstein

Necessary Knowledge

to learn while evolving as a spirit in human form on Planet Earth.

It is necessary to become acutely "aware" of certain "hidden" details of the Earth existence in order to fully understand experiences while in the "Earth School". This awareness will assist you in satisfactorily progressing in the assimilation of wisdom gained from your exposure to events in life, and thus to better evolve spiritually while increasing your spiritual strength as you pass from the earth form back into your soul form.

One must learn how to seek and find the truth of the nature of mankind, and how it has affected the history of government, religions, and other forms of belief systems that further the greed and a lust for power in those who would seek control over masses of population for their selfish needs. Religion and government have always had "built in" fear based methods of influencing and controlling the masses. Even today, much more subtle methods are used to control populations, but the system still, in fact, produces a world full of many national territories organized and run totally by privileged, elite, power hungry individuals who take advantage of the masses to accomplish their deeds.

Does this mean that politics and religion are totally populated by evil, greedy persons?

Of course not ! It just means that all the good, well intentioned folks who try to implement changes to bring back the power and wealth to the people will fail on the higher levels.. They waste their precious lives of devotion to their kindred souls because most are outnumbered, and because many well intentioned religious folks preach fear instead of love, and many well intentioned politicians are forced to make concessions or lose their jobs, sanity, or their lives.

Conversely, and contributing to the structure of the powerful "few" will exist a majority population of lesser evolved souls who would be satisfied with the creature comforts assigned to the lifestyle of apathy, and would then follow blindly the mass indoctrination promoted by the wealth and power of the administration which takes much, and gives back little, to the masses.

The masses will vote, debate opinions. and participate in mock elections and organizations which give the illusion to the people that they are in control. Fact is, the candidates for such controlling positions are selected in advance by the structure of power and wealth, and the masses are placated by falsehoods. The people will be conditioned by schooling, media propaganda and many levels of educational false fronts provided, all of which are promoted, persuaded, financed, and controlled by the elite purveyors of the system.

This system can appear to the masses as a pretty picture, depending on the natural resources of the country...but of course, one always finds the huge percentage of wealth always goes to the elite, and the masses work their lives away to provide this structure. They will borrow money in addition to their wages as the cost of living continually goes upwards, giving interest only to the elite bankers who perpetuate a false monetary structure printed on paper, with nothing of value to back it up other than "labor" of the masses. This equates to a type of slavery, and the majority of the citizenry usually find themselves hopelessly enslaved to the repayment of debts which they incur as they try to imitate the lifestyles of the wealthy controllers. There is no room at the top for the average person, and the vast majority live their entire lives in servitude to the system.

Looking back on history, one must eventually realize that our historical accounts of mankind's past are distorted, inaccurate, and often altogether missing. Researchers then can also discover many of the hidden truths that depart from the false accounts taught us by the elite controlled schools.

The TRUTH has been stored in institutions available only to the elite controllers, and such information contains vast, literally unfathomable amounts of withheld incredible information, keeping populations forever in the dark and completely manipulated and enslaved by certain factions of elite blood lines and even races that are foreign to this planet can be involved.

Americans are especially vulnerable to the traps set before us in the before described scenario mainly because the US enjoys a very stable, abundant supply of resources, and the standard of living in this country is as good or better than any country in the world. Nevertheless, mankind is still mankind...no matter where he sets down his foot. The very same weaknesses of heart apply to the leaders of this country, as do our worst enemy...it's just that the US has higher standards of living due to the inherent advantages of abundance in a fruitful land. But make no mistake...the graft, greed, and corruption of politics exists in all organizations of the US...the only difference is that due to the abundance of resources in this country, the bounty to the corrupt is even more plentiful!

Worldwide, huge secret societies exist to perpetuate the greedy control of the masses. Two groupsthat most are familiar with are accused of being major players in the game; the Freemasons and the Illuminati (also known as the Cabal, or the Deep State). They are known to have ceremonies represented by symbols and secret rites,and pass down control of the system through religion and government to familie s of the oldest bloodlines on Earth. They are known to favor certain institutions of learning and smaller secret groups are known to exist around these schools of higher learning.

One of the most difficult lessons to be learned by the masses is that huge discoveries and advances in technology have been hidden from the working class. This enables entire industries to develop around these technologies which never seem to benefit the working class to the degree which they deserve.

Whenever working class personnel are needed to work in these fields, the industry is rigidly compartmentalized so that only a small portion of knowledge is available to each person involved. Those workers are praised for their contribution to their country for their small part and sworn to secrecy upon implied threat to self and family for disclosing any part of their jobs or knowledge.

This system does allow for ample jobs for the working class, and certainly we should not fail to recognize that leaders, and innovators should receive a healthy bounty for their contributions. However, those in control typically will seize the highest unfair percentage of profits, thus contributing to the opportunity for gaining “power” . This results in a continuing growth of the ruling class vs the working class.

It is believed that throughout history, the secret power structures such as the Illuminati have always managed to push forward to levels of knowledge which are kept secret from the masses. In this day and age secret technology has already breached the boundaries of new math and physics, and with that and information gleaned from extraterrestrials from other dimensional and outer space planetary systems, it is believed by many that certain earth groups may have already secretly traveled to other planets and even other dimensions of time and space.

In fact, a large part of the secrecy effort about all this is exclusively about keeping the masses within their belief system for control, lest the entire religious and governmental programs fall apart at disclosure of the truth about our tiny insignificant place in the universe.

A truly frightening part of the withheld information about progress in technology is that many extremely advanced races of extraterrestrials are, and have been, here on Earth for untold periods of time, and we have even perfected working relationships with aliens and designed mutual trades of sinister and dark purpose in exchange for technology.

Aliens, and UFOs are real! And most importantly, if one cannot penetrate the veil of secrecy to accept that this is true...then one's existence in spirit and even the very soul which is the real you, is in jeopardy. If you do not have a working knowledge of these facts (and much more!) when you pass from this world to the vastness of the universe, you may be doomed to repeat a similar existance to that which you had just left. Now, for the record, let me state now and right here that I am NOT saying there is no Heavenly or worthy afterlife for us, but I AM saying that there are OTHER scenarios that you may be drawn to that do not offer you new spiritual growth, and may make you a part of a world which holds entities to produce life's energies for other dimensional purpose.

In reality, the universe has good and bad, much like our planet Earth does. It is simply a matter of the truth of creation....that all things must apparently be balanced by the opposite force. In fact, in reality as we know it, if only negative forces existed, then that force would become the un-opposed norm and would theoretically cause itself to eventually self destruct. Unfortunately, if the same consideration is granted to only a positive force in any one creation, the same thing would happen.

Yes...and in fact, one of the the most obvious traps set for you to fall right into, is one which returns you to the one and only "same" type of existence from whence you just came....(complete with all the constraints and enslavement), much of which may only get even worse with the passage of time on our once beautiful planet Earth. Fact is, there are many paths to take once one is back in spirit...the choice is yours...but you must be “aware” in order to avoid unfavorable paths. Start NOW to learn about the truths of the after life !

There are universal laws of math and physics (most of which we know little about), but the ruling elite know very well of the basic existence and constraints of time, dimensions, other universes, and some of the potential hazards in the universe for humans. But do they know of the soul? Do they know what their options will be when they die? This I do not know...but I think the safety of the Light Force, that which surrounds the Creator and Source of all that is, may not be something that the ruling elites may recognize as clearly as we can. Love is the bottom line force that outperforms and conquers all in the universe that was constructed by our Creator. Survival of the soul is reserved for those who know, respect, and practice LOVE.

And this meager, very brief summary of what is expected of 21st century humans to discover and educate themselves on their own initiative, should suffice to awaken those gifted souls who are ready for this true spiritual advancement. May the spiritual force of LOVE be with them.

Richard L Smith

July, 2018



- Rich and Mary tour haunted Arizona and you won't believe the EVP messages received from ghosts of the old Wild West!

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Analysis of a spectacular spiritual dream, with tips on how to interpret spiritual content of your own dreams !!

How far can we go with EVP?

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"I Love You Earthmen"

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Incredible conversation with an Entity named Julius who contacts Rich with his own group from somewhere in the Universe!



A "MUST SEE"...Rich does a rare interview...20 questions with HAUNTED AMERICA

Just Another Day at Rich and Mary's Haunted House

1. Ghost Pushes Rich's Arm 2. The Night Visitor 3. The Moving Napkin

Around our house (because of our constant involvement with spirit communication) we have numerous visitations from spirits, in all manner of energy displays. That's what happens when you work with the paranormal on a daily basis for many years. RICH

1. Ghost pushes Rich's arm-April 9, 2012 approx 3 PM- All day and even previously in the wee hours of the morning, I had heard a male voice trying very hard to communicate with me throughout the house. I would clearly hear a single word out loud in the room, but it would trail off or stop suddenly before I could actually make anything of it. Sometimes it would seem that the word was not loud enough (it could have been a complete word) but I still could not get it because of the lack of volume or amplitude and the communication remained unsuccessful.

This same afternoon I was in the kitchen making Mary a "protein drink" using an electric blender to mix ingredients. Suddenly something gave way in the mechanism and the blender stopped turning and began to make an exceptionally loud squeal. I figured something came loose and maybe I could fix it, so much to the annoyance of all in the house I continued to fiddle with it while producing that very loud squeal time after time . The dogs were howling and Mary began to shout that she couldn't even hear the TV, so I began to consider the possibility that it was time for a new blender. So I shut it down and removed the glass container from the motor mount. While I stood there with the mixer container in my right hand, I thought of one more thing to try. and began to move my right arm toward the blender. Suddenly, my entire right arm was moving away from the blender without my intention of doing so!! In amazement, I watched as my arm moved about a foot and a half to the left of the blender. I could actually feel a gentle but very firm pressure on the forearm as it was moving, and suddenly it stopped.

I stood still, looking at my arm, contemplating the possibility that some involuntary action taken by my body had caused this, such as a muscle cramp or spasm. But concentrating on my arm, and then feeling it with my left hand, everything seemed quite normal. So then I moved my right arm again to the right towards the blender as if to restart the contraption once more. But before I could set the mixer bowl on the motor mount I felt that very firm pressure on my forearm and again watched as my arm began to move away from the blender. It was crazy! To test this phenomenon, I resisted (just a little) and could easily feel the resistance to my effort to move away. The more I pushed, the more the force pushed back. Again I just let my arm move and again it stopped about a foot and a half to the left of my intended target. I did not try again.

The obvious conclusion is that one of our "guest" entities in the house also found the noise quite objectionable, and was just gently exerting his influence. I do not know if the phenomenon was related to the previous attempts at vocalization, but this was quite an efective way of letting me know that someone was there.

2. The Night Visitor-Oct 1, 2012--3:55AM - Heard by Richard and Mary-three soft knocks on front door (or from that general area)
Mary still remained groggy, but Rich awoke alert, heard a voice (resembling Damon, Mary's oldest son) say out loud "Richard, it's me. Are you here?"
Thinking maybe Damon was at the door, Richard got up immediately to go to the front room of the house.. But no one nor anything was noted or seen, or heard at the front door. Rich opened the door
to look outside and again nothing was seen, nothing more was heard. Rich checked with Damon the next day and he said he was fast asleep at that time.

We have often heard the same three successive knocks in our previous house (next door) as well as in this house. But there was never a voice connected with the knocks till this occurrance. The knocks would happen in the old house as often as two or three times a week for weeks at a time. We just got used to them, rolled over and went back to sleep. Never worried us as we are used to our spirit friends.

3. The Moving Napkin- Oct 1, approx 4 PM -Mary needed to use her nebulizer for breathing difficulties and the unit seemed to be vibrating against the wooden cabinet and making a racket. I remarked that we needed to find something soft that we could place inbetween the unit and the cabinet to quiet it down. At that precise moment, the thought of a linen table napkin (which we had in a holder on our kitchen table) popped into my head as a solution, and only a fraction of a second later Mary also spoke out loud that her idea was the same. Just a coincidence at that point, I headed into the kitchen only to find a white linen table napkin completely opened and laying spread out on the kitchen table!

This was just not possible. I had just come through the kitchen before helping Mary set up the nebulizer, and had picked up my reading glasses from the table. I remember noting that the table was cluttered with some mail, a small drink cooler, some dog treats and meds and a few assorted other things. I made a mental note to clear it off later. The napkins were CLEARLY in their holder and pushed all the way back against the back wall (as the table was set up against that wall with chairs around the accessible sides only).

But although we were, of course, somewhat surprised, many who know us well expect us to see these kinds of things happening around our house on a regular basis. After returning to the bedroom I told Mary about the napkin, and we looked at each other and simultaneously said "The Whispering Cowboy!" Yes, we were certain this was Mary's friendly ghost, who always politely (as a Texas cowboy should be) shows up in our EVP conversations, ghostly apparitions, and even while filming investigations. Once he showed up speaking on a video cam as he politely said "Here Mary, have a seat." At that time we had moved to the second floor in a Victorian haunted house, and Mary had to walk with a cane due to her old injuries from an accident. There was a small sofa and the "Cowboy" had spoken exactly as Mary stood directly in front of the seat. Amazingly, even though at the time we could not have heard the cowboy words being spoken and recorded on the camera, later on the film we observed as Mary actually stopped, turned, and sat right down on the sofa seat at the exact second the concerned request was spoken by the "Cowboy" There is a lengthy story in our book about how Mary came to know this spirit, and now many more stories follow. In fact, Mary had once told the cowboy that he could visit at our house as long as he behaved, and did not enter the bathroom! As a result, he has been seen by guests standing in front of the bathroom door waiting for Mary to come out!
True to fashion, we are certain that he merely wished to help Mary in some small way on this day when she was needing help for her breathing issue.

From the wonderful free postings as received from ascended masters at the 11:11 Group

The Universal Law of Vibration-The Order of Universe Realities explained

Video below: Rich receives"death threats" from angry ghost! story here





****Ghosts speak from fatal auto accident wreckage ! 7 minutes 10 sec

****GHOST SAILORS speak from aboard a WWII submarine in dry dock on Galveston Island 1 minute 57 sec

****RICH onTV News Special producing EVP ghost voices for a live TV crew 2 minutes 35 sec



****Rich and Mary cross the Texas Chihuahua Desert, stopping at Langtry Ghost Town. Later, in a small mountain town Hotel, they capture ghost voices on the video camera ! 4 minutes 46 sec
****Take a tour of Rich and Mary's EVP sound studio 5 minutes 38 sec

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Question to Rich re: inter-dimensional audio communication with spirits

Q: In your technical work with inter-dimensional communication , is it possible to communicate through EVP (electronics voice phenomena) methods with entities other than Ghosts?

A: Using very advanced techniques of EVP (electronics voice phenomena) and based upon nearly 20 years of experience doing so, I have established communication with many kinds of entities over the years...some were ghosts, some claimed to be Extraterrestrial in nature, and I have received communications from my spirit guide by voice on rare occasions. I have personally contacted deceased family and friends who have passed, but not every case will result in contact especially if the spirit has passed into the Light and on to the Heavenly realm. My methods do not merely produce occassional two and three word phrases as seen on TV ghost hunting shows, but rather my technique produces regularly as many as a dozen full sentence replies per minute in a typical session of only two or three minutes.

But the most "in depth" means of inter-dimensional communication is acheived by the use of special advanced hypnosis techniques. My associate and mentor is one of the few experienced hypnotists available to the public for specialty sessions of this kind and with his 44 years of experience in this special field, he is in high demand for helping people solve serious life crisis issues. We are most often called to resolve serious spirit possession and attachment issues after others have attempted to help but have failed.

In my studio in Alvin, Texas, as a certified hypnotist, I specialize in offering past life regression techniques and researching potential causes from past lives for present life difficulties such as bad habits, phobias, etc. Almost everyone finds it very beneficial to their spiritual well being to know who they were in past lives and where and what they experienced!

But all these things are better understood by first learning a definition of what WE actually are...... WE are not just a physical body. The physical body is the vessel, or the biological machine through which the "real you" (you are a spirit ! ) manifests and navigates within the Earth dimension. This dimension is much more dense physically than spiritual dimensions, and our spiritual self is somewhat limited in this body in comparison to the spirits manifestation in planes of a higher order.

Now, we will add to this knowledge the fact that our presence in the earth plane consists of a dual body....and this would be (1) our physical body which we see in the mirror, and (2) the spirit body which consists of the "real you" in spirit form. This we shall call the astral body, and it surrounds the physical body like a shell, but consists of energy and substance of a higher order than is normally manifest in the Earth plane.

The astral body contains our limited conscious awareness, and it uses the brain to diseminate its will to the physical organism. When our physical body dies, the astral body remains. It is still EXACTLY as it was only moments before the physical death occurred and will remain so until the astral entity comes to grips with the loss of the physical body and gradually regains control over the awareness of it's spiritual origins . From that point of returning awareness, the astral body goes through the very complex matter of determining the spiritual value of its life on earth, and then making a decision as to whether the spirit self is worthy of moving into a higher realm towards oneness with God. If the entity is still in need of gaining more spiritual wisdom,it will perhaps return to yet another life on Earth for specific lessons and truths which were not forthcoming in the last life.

Believe me, this is a simplified explanation...but it will suffice to answer the posed question. Call them ghosts if you must...but most EVP is simply the voices of people whose physical body has passed, and they are still in their astral body prior to completing their plans for spiritual destiny.

Some of these voices come from newly departed souls, and some of the voices may come from souls who have been in the astral for a sufficient time to have nearly completed their resolve for continuing the spiritual journey. The latter, spirits in the declining period of their astral existence, can sometimes communicate in a rather "dreamy" or incoherent state as they evolve away from their astral body. This astral body will eventually decompose just as the physical body did, and from that point the entity will move on to the higher spiritual realms to eventually return to the Earth plane in a new physical and astral body. There are many different types of entities in spirit dimensions (angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, etc.,) some of which have not, and may never be in a human body. But we will deal here only with the common EVP sources.

Frankly, in many ways we are better off just considering the astral and physical body to both be a part of the Earth dimension existence, allowing us to avoid confusion by not combining divine spiritual levels with the astral .

I offer personal guidance and teaching on all these subjects, as well as the hypnosis for advanced spiritual benefit.
available for consultations and services through the website previously mentioned.
Blessings, Rich

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Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking inside a radio for the announcer



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Where are all the GHOSTS?

The most common question asked of me by new ghost hunters is "Where do I look to find some ghosts?" Well, the best way to answer that question is just to give some pointers to head you in the right direction...and then the best ghost hunting will come to you in time after you have improved your awareness and developed your "sixth sense" for locating the haunted hot spots according to your needs.

Of course, it goes without saying that cemeteries are usually good bets. Look for large ones with lots of older dates on the stones. When you see an interesting gravestone, "talk" out loud to the spirits and ask them to allow you to take photos, record their voice, etc. Believe me, talking to them will make a difference.

Look for building locations with a history, perhaps something with a tragic occurrence in its past such as a murder, a fire, civil war experiences, etc. Old hospitals, hotels, schools...old courthouses, jails, etc. If you are doing EVP, you don't even need to gain access to the inside of the building, just walk the perimeter and talk to the spirits! In fact, in some cases the building can even be gone, and lingering spirits can haunt the grounds!

Museums are great places for hauntings and especially EVP. All of the artefacts in such a place seem to be like a magnet for spirits! Check out any places where lots of people might have congregated over years of time, such as stadiums, ballparks, etc. Old railroad station locations are usually full of lingering unfinished spirit business...travelers have lots of stories to tell!

Old hospitals and mental institutions harbor many unhappy spirits so be prepared for anything when going to those spots. Happy ghost hunting!



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......I would like to thank you for a truly incredible weekend. Renae and I felt like we got more than was expected....... Using what we learned from you we have already gotten an excellent class A voice on our first try back home ! Dr. R. Dorn , New Braunfels,Texas

.....seriously recommend this school to anyone who has an interest in the paranormal...it works !! My husband and I had astonishing results on our first EVP field trip after the school ! A.Slater, Manvel, Texas

.........We learned so much in our short stay with you, I tell everyone that Richard Smith is "THE" person for EVP ! I can not wait to come back ! M. Hernandez, San Antonio, Texas

.....Rich, you are an excellent teacher in the field of EVP.You took the time to make sure I understood all aspects of the use of the software and started me on my way to the training of my ear so I can hear my recordings and learn to do my own EVP work. I would recommend you to anyone who is seriously interested in this field of study. Your patience and understanding of all my questions made taking your class a wonderful learning experience and,as we discussed, I hope to return to do more work with you in the future. Mitch M., Lubbock Texas
contact RICH at rich5343@yahoo.com

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SPIRITS speak from the derelict "1946 Flxible Clipper" Tour Bus that once belonged to Country & Western Music HALL OF FAME winner FLOYD TILLMAN

Located in an old scrap yard in Galveston County, Rich and Mary make voice contact with lingering ghosts in the old bus !!

See actual PHOTO of GHOST in bus !!


article by Richard L. Smith

**ALIENS AND UFOs ? ** Most of us have been brought up to take a very skeptical view (if not downright "absolute denial") of any claims as to the validity of the existence of space craft from other worlds in the universe, or alien entities visiting our planet in those craft, or by other means such as dimensional travel.

Our government, assisted by controlling pressure brought upon the MSM (aka"main stream media"), has long been involved in squelching these claims of such phenomena by promoting dis-information campaigns, and publishing negative statements by government supported or co-erced patrons of NASA or other members of the government supported science community.

Whether skeptics like this explanation or not, and for those who have been sucked in by the government sponsored dis-info rhetoric, it has now been unequivocably established that there is much more to life in this universe than we have been allowed to believe, and that our solar system is literally teeming with life of other descriptions and locations, and includes, as well, other solar systems in far reaching depths of space. This is now fact, and if you are not paying attention to the continual stream of new info on the internet and television, then you are doing yourself and your
family a great dis-service. This period of history, the 21st century, will be shown to be the age of disemination of knowledge and technology that will change the world as we know it forever.

Why then, has our government and other governments of the world been so secretive about these previously unknown truths? The answer is a sad but true commentary on our world's political sys-tems, which has forever been founded by controlling interests of powerful people who are absolute in their resolve to maintain their power and control over a mass of people who seemingly are in need of a central authority to govern and direct those masses in their political, economic and religious views and activities. This, of course, leaves the powers that be in control of wealth, much of which always goes into their pockets. (Have you ever noticed how our Presidents always leave their office with millions in cash and/or properties and business interests?)

Thus, any contact with a truly advanced alien society which might result in the elimination of the need for such a controlling structure could (and probably would) decimate the control of those world powers that be. And this would result in a complete restructring of our worlds beliefs, political and religious structures.

And then, of course, the structure of control and massive wealth which now belongs to the controlling few would break down and be lost forever...you know they do not want that!

Are you aware of the many videos, testimonies of scientists and professionally respected people who have testified publicly about the lies coming from our government on these subjects? Did you know that there are many TV programs on cable and sattelite that are giving verifiable information on these subjects and updating regularly?

Many people like myself, who have experienced personal contact and communication with other worldly entities, believe that the majority of folks in this world are not paying enough attention to the reality of their own existence and to the new knowledge being given to us. And, if you interject the notion that all the 3rd world nations, and masses of poor and ignorant people don't have access to this information....you are absolutely correct...And that very notion places you and I as the responsible privileged group who must start living the new age with truth in hand and mouth, and take the information on to all you with whom you communicate . Use the internet to help push the information on through every available source.

We can no longer afford to be controlled by antiquated beliefs. This world must soon adopt a philosophy of life which promotes the betterment of mankind and this world...or soon, perhaps very soon, the world as we know it will no longer suport life as we know it.



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